Efforts to improve public and patient involvement (PPI) across the health sector in Ireland are ongoing, with many recognising that PPI is an integral part of effective and quality health policy development, health service design and improvement, health research, and health industry work processes. IPPOSI (https:///www.ipposi.ie) – as an organisation that engages with patient organisations, health-oriented academics and researchers, health-related industry, and health policy-makers and service providers – set out in 2020 to gather information about some of these Irish PPI efforts. This Hub is a selection of our findings. Here you can explore examples of PPI in action from contributions made by organisations engaging in PPI from across Ireland, as well as connect with partners from the patient community who have been involved (or who are interested in becoming involved) in PPI initiatives.

An overview report of the cases ‘mapped’ by IPPOSI in 2020/2021 is available by clicking here.

The Hub is supported by resources from IPPOSI as well as unrestricted grants from the following IPPOSI member donors:  

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