The Dementia Research Advisory Team was established in April 2019. It is a group of people living with dementia and carers/supporters who are involved in dementia research as co-researchers. These Experts by Experience influence, advise and work with researchers across Ireland. The Dementia Research Advisory Team meets quarterly and additional meetings are scheduled as required. Members also meet individually with research teams as part of specific projects they are involved with. Currently, meetings are held online due to COVID-19 but moving forward there will likely be a combination of in-person and online meetings to ensure accessibility. Dementia Research Advisory Team members contribute to ASI funding decisions, research prioritisation and are involved in several research projects across several universities. There is an open dialogue between The ASI and members of The Dementia Research Advisory Team enabling a continuous feedback process.

The Dementia Research Advisory Team comprises of 16 members, all of whom are individuals with dementia or people with experience of caring for or supporting a person with dementia. Members are identified through public advertisement and existing advocacy groups and networks. The only requirement is personal experience of either living with dementia or supporting a person with dementia. Involvement is reviewed annually.