The HTA Prioritisation Advisory Group has been established to support HIQA in fulfilling its statutory function to conduct health technology assessments (HTAs) to inform investment (and potentially disinvestment) decisions by the Minister for Health and by the HSE. The number of requests for HTAs outweighs the resources available within HIQA to conduct them. As such, the HTA Prioritisation Advisory Group is tasked with advising on the relative priority of HTA requests received from the Minister and the HSE which informs HIQA’s work planning for 2021-2022. The advisory group first met in June 2021 to review and prioritise the HTA requests according to a number of criteria which include clinical impact, economic impact and policy impact.

The HTA Prioritisation Advisory Group comprises of six members, including two public and/or patient representatives, two Department of Health representatives and two HSE representatives. The PPI representatives were identified based on expressions of interest received from the HSE National Patients’ Forum.