The UL Hospitals Group Patient Council was established in 2016. The Council enables patients and family members to become active partners in the UL Hospitals Group, and to advise on ways to improve the experience of patients and/or families using any of the Group’s six hospitals. There are six regular meetings annually. However, Council members are also involved in various committees and projects meetings across the Hospitals Group, such as work on the new Emergency Department at University Hospital Limerick, as well as work in the areas of end-of-life care, clinical ethics, nutrition, signage, and patient flow. Council members are also involved in supporting the flu vaccination programme within the Hospitals Group and in other patient communication initiatives. The Patient Council sponsor an Award which is dedicated each year to an individual which has made a unique commitment to patient advocacy. The Patient Council reports to the Quality Improvement Committee within the UL Hospitals Group.

The UL Hospitals Group Patient Council comprises 19 members, of which 11 are public and/or patient (PPI) representatives and 8 are hospital representatives. The PPI representatives are appointed based on expressions of interest received to a local public advertisement process and following an interview with the Hospital personnel. In selecting Council members, the Hospital Group is mindful to ensure that members represent all geographic areas covered by the group, and that they have an interest in a wide range of condition specialities and services.